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Eat Well For Less S01E02 720p HDTV x264-C4TV

Eat Well For Less Season 01 Episode 02 – Series 1 Episode 2 (Aired on 9/23/03)

Gregg Wallace, award-winning greengrocer Chris Bavin and dietitian Lucy Jones help families across the UK save money, sort food facts from food fiction and eat well for less.
About this episode: Daffyd realises his exclusive copy of the Gay Times has been sold and demands to know who too. Lou is taking Andy out for dinner. Andy wants to go dressed as a Smurf, against Lou’s better judgement. Vicky is accused of pushing a young girl into a swimming pool. At Kelsey Grammer school the boys are preparing to take a test. Dr Lawrence is in his office informing an inspector how the Steven Spielberg institute is run. Sebastian walks in while the PM is changing and pounces on him, claiming there’s a sniper at the window. Back at the institute Dr Lawrence is showing the inspector how Anne likes to look after the garden. Back at Kelsey Grammer School the test continues while the teacher does a bit of vacuuming. Lou is installing handle bars next to Andy’s toilet so he can pull himself onto it when Lou isn’t there. Dame Sally Markham finishes ‘The Lady in White’ but it’s only seventy-six pages long. David Soul is asked to visit a sick child in hospital. Marjorie defends Fat Fighters against an ‘anonymous’ tip off that the whole thing is just a scam. Dr. Lawrence continues his tour in the canteen where Ann is doing her best to ruin their meals. Jason performs the Heimlich manoeuvre on Gary’s Nan… or at least we think that’s what it was. Back at school, the pupils battle through their test as the teacher sets off three fireworks in the classroom. Clive is hoping his wife Liz will be quiet about her past claim to fame while they’re at a restauant. Les McKeown performs some songs for the sick child and her parents. A retired police officer starts teaching driving lessons while still wearing his uniform. The record attempters are attempting the world record for tallest man.

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